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56-Year-Old Found Dead After Attempted Church Shooting – A Tragic Event in North Braddock!

 Attempted Church Shooting Foiled as Gun Malfunctions

Pennsylvania Church Shooting Attempt Linked to Divine Order

According to True Crime Daily, in North Braddock, Pennsylvania something really scary happened over the weekend. Americans were shocked and sad. On Sunday something terrible happened. A 56-year-old man named Bernard Polite was found dead in a 26-year-old man’s house. This younger man had tried to shoot American at a church just a few hours before. It all started at 1:09 p.m. when Bernard Polite went into the Jesus Dwelling Place Church with a gun. He wanted to hurt the pastor Glenn Germany. But luckily the gun didn’t work. Some American in the church quickly stopped him and held him down until the police came. The whole thing was recorded live on Facebook. Bernard Polite told the police something really scary. He said he did it because he thought God wanted him to. This made everyone in the community very worried about why he would do such a bad thing. American started talking about mental health and extreme religious beliefs. The church shooting didn’t happen but Bernard Polite is in big trouble. He’s facing serious charges like trying to hurt someone, hurting someone badly, and putting others in danger. This made everyone very upset not just in the church but in the whole community.

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56-Year-Old Found Dead After Attempted Church Shooting – A Tragic Event in North Braddock!(PHOTO: Yahoo News Canada)

Attempted Church Shooting Followed by Fatal Shooting, Community Reels in Shock

Bernard Polite’s attempt of church shooting didn’t work but he’s in a lot of trouble now. He’s facing some really serious charges like trying to kill someone, hurting them really badly, and putting others in danger. This has not only scared the Americans at the church but also made everyone who saw it feel very upset. But the sadness didn’t just stop there. Later that night around 8:15 p.m. the police got a call about another shooting on Stokes Avenue in North Braddock. When they got there they found a man who had been shot and killed. His name was Derek Polite and he was somehow related to Bernard Polite but we’re not sure exactly how. All of these bad things happening one after the other have left the community feeling really really sad and confused. Americans are asking why all this happened and how they can feel safe again. Right now Bernard Polite is in jail and the community is trying to figure out what happened and how they can start to feel better. It’s a really tough time for everyone involved.

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