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Murder in St. Petersburg: Gregory Shinn Arrested After Girlfriend Found Dead!

Gregory Shinn Arrested After Partner Found Dead

Chilling Alleged Murder Uncovered in St. Petersburg

According to True Crime Daily, in a tragic turn of events what initially seemed like a heartbreaking suicide has unfolded into a chilling case of alleged murder in St. Petersburg, Florida. Gregory Shinn a 48-year-old man finds himself in custody following the suspicious death of his 59-year-old partner Katrin Simpson whose lifeless body was discovered hanging from a garage beam. The incident came to light when Gregory Shinn made a distressing call to the St. Petersburg Police Department on February 20 around 11:27 p.m. claiming to have found Katrin Simpson’s body in the garage of their home which was al result of suicide., said Gregory Shinn. Paramedics swiftly responded to the scene only to find Katrin Simpson with a black wire tightly wound around her neck tethered to a beam. However, as the St. Petersburg Police Department delved deeper into the matter disturbing details began to emerge. A history of domestic violence within the residence came to light casting doubt on Gregory Shinn’s version of events. Furthermore, law enforcement officials noted glaring inconsistencies in Gregory Shinn’s statements leading them to suspect foul play.

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Murder in St. Petersburg: Gregory Shinn Arrested After Girlfriend Found Dead! (PHOTO: True Crime Daily)

Gregory Shinn’s Trial for Partner’s Death Unfolds

When the medical examiner shared their findings it was clear that things were much worse than Gregory Shinn claimed. Katrin Simpson didn’t die by suicide as he said. Instead she was strangled to death. She also had injuries from being hit and had drugs in her system. Learning this shocked the community. Americans who did not know what was happening behind closed doors now understand that a life was taken without reason. The police are working hard to find out the truth and get justice for Katrin Simpson. Gregory Shinn is in jail waiting for his trial for allegedly killing his partner. Even though it’s a sad and unbelievable situation there is hope that the truth will come out and bring closure to those affected by this sad event. (Make it longer)

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