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Christian Buster Arrested in Delight Shooting: Pike County Deputies Investigate

Pike County Deputies Arrest Christian Buster at Scene of Fatal Shooting

Arkansas State Police Assist in Investigation of Delight Shooting Incident

According to Arkansas Online, Over the weekend, Pike County deputies rushed to a sad situation where they arrested Christian Buster for a murder charge at the scene of a deadly shooting in Delight, as mentioned in a Monday Facebook post. When they got to the place after hearing about the shooting, they found someone dead from gunshot wounds. Although the post didn’t say much about the victim or when it happened, Buster’s arrest for second-degree murder suggests something really serious.

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Christian Buster Arrested in Delight Shooting: Pike County Deputies Investigate (PHOTO: Police)

Arkansas State Police Aid Investigation of Delight Shooting Incident

To figure out what happened, Arkansas State Police agents also joined in the investigation, which often happens when smaller law enforcement groups handle cases like this. Their help shows how serious the situation is and how important it is to look into everything carefully. Meanwhile, Christian Buster is still in jail in Pike County, and there’s no info about any bond amount as of Tuesday. As the investigation goes on, authorities are working hard to understand what led to this terrible shooting, hoping to bring some closure to the community and make sure justice is done.

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