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2 Guys Arrested with Stolen Gun And Drugs in Hot Springs – Community Safety Secured!

Pablo Bucio and Accomplice Nabbed for Stolen Gun And Drugs

Stolen Gun And Drugs Recovered, Pablo Bucio Faces Serious Charges

According to Arkansas Democrat Gazette, in Hot Springs two guys got arrested early Monday because they were accused of robbing a man last week. They hit him with a gun and took his gun when he didn’t want to trade. Pablo Bucio and another guy were caught around 6:30 a.m. at 951 Ridgeway Street. The sheriff’s team caught them with the help of investigators. They searched the Ridgeway place because of some bad stuff that happened there before like shootings and another robbery. They found a stolen gun and drugs in the house. Bucio got hit with serious charges like robbery and assault. He could go to jail for a long time. His bond was set at $135,000 and he had to go to court on Monday. The police report says that last Wednesday a man called 911 saying he got robbed near Barnwood Place. The guy who robbed him was someone he knew named “Pablo,” and there were two other guys with him. “Pablo” wanted to trade guns but the man didn’t want to. “Pablo” hit him with the gun and his friend kicked him and they fought over the man’s gun but the robbers took it and drove away. The victim knew “Pablo” for a while so he was sure it was him. The police recognized Bucio in a photo the victim showed them. They got a warrant for Bucio’s arrest on Thursday. So Bucio and his friend got caught for the robbery. Bucio faces serious charges and has to go to court. The victim got hurt but hopefully he’ll get justice.

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2 Guys Arrested with Stolen Gun And Drugs in Hot Springs – Community Safety Secured! (PHOTO: Yahoo News)

Pablo Bucio Linked to More Crimes, Police Act Swiftly to Ensure Community Safety

When the police looked around the Ridgeway house they found more stuff linking Bucio to other crimes. They found a stolen gun and drugs which was linked to the robbery. This makes it seem like Bucio might be involved in more bad stuff than just this one robbery. The guy who got robbed told the police what happened and it sounds really scary. “Pablo” and his friends used force to try to make the guy trade his gun. When he said no they hurt him. This is worrying because it shows that these guys are willing to use violence to get what they want. It’s important that the police acted quickly to catch them. Bucio already got in trouble before for doing drugs. This means he might have a habit of breaking the law. It’s something the police need to deal with to stop him from doing more bad things. The arrest of Bucio and his friend is a big step in making things right for the victim and the community. It shows that the police won’t stand for this kind of behavior. They want to make sure everyone feels safe and that Americans who do bad things get punished for it.

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