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Kaitlan Collins Grills Trump Attorney Can Military Coups and Assassinations Really Be Shielded by Presidential Immunity?

Kaitlan Collins Challenges Trump Attorney on Presidential Immunity for Military Coups and Assassinations

CNN’s ‘The Source’ Exposes Debate Over Presidential Powers Amid Allegations of Extreme Actions

According to Mediaite, witnessed anchor Kaitlan Colclins onfronting  aTrumpttorney Will Scharf over his assertion that military coups and assassinations could fall under presidential immunity. Collins challenged the unprecedented nature of these claims, citing real-life examples like Trump’s alleged suggestion to execute leakers during the George Floyd protests.

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Collins Challenges Trump Attorney on Extreme Presidential Powers, Igniting Debate on Democracy’s Future

Collins remained steadfast, underscoring the gravity of the matter and rejecting the notion that extreme actions could be deemed official presidential duties. The intense exchange spotlighted the contentious debate over presidential powers and accountability, particularly following events like the Capitol insurrection, raising concerns about the future of American democracy.

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