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20-year-old Xavier Rene Martinez faces charges of cruelty to animals!

CBS Austin Reports Young Man Accused of Abandoning Dog, Faces Animal Cruelty Charges

Witness Intervention Fails as Xavier Rene Martinez Allegedly Leaves Dog in Danger

According to CBS Austin, a young Man Faces an Animal Cruelty Charge After Leaving a Dog named Shadow. Xavier Rene Martinez is in trouble for hurting animals accused of doing something very bad to his dog (Shadow). A person who saw what happened called the police and said that Xavier Rene Martinez threw his dog over a fence into a yard with bigger and meaner dogs. The witness wanted to help but Martinez ran away.

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20-year-old Xavier Rene Martinez faces charges of cruelty to animals (PHOTO: News 4)

Tragic Outcome of  Xavier Rene Martinez’s Actions Lead to Shadow’s Passing

Animal Care Services came to the place where this happened they took Shadow to a special doctor for animals but the dog was too hurt and passed away. The police found out that Shadow belonged to Xavier Rene Martinez when they talked to him. Xavier Rene Martinez said that his dog bit him and he didn’t want to take care of it anymore and admitted to putting Shadow in a dangerous situation and then leaving. He wasn’t sure if the people living in the house were there to help Shadow at that moment.

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