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20 Year Old Accused of Killing Girlfriend Faces Charges in Stow, Massachusetts

17 Year Old Neveah Goddard Found Dead Boyfriend Arrested

Shane Curry 20 Accused of Murdering Teen Girlfriend Neveah Goddard

According to the report of TRUE CRIME DAILY, in Stow Massachusetts a terrible incident has left the town shaken. Shane Curry 20 is accused of murdering his girlfriend Neveah Goddard just 17 years old. Police were called to their home on Great Road on April 5 for a well-being check. It took two hours for officers to get inside where they found Neveah dead. Curry was taken into custody and brought to a local hospital for evaluation. The community is reeling from this tragic loss.

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Shane Curry 20 Accused of Murdering Teen Girlfriend Neveah Goddard (PHOTO: True Crime Daily)

Seeking Justice and Safety After Neveah Goddard Tragic Death

As the investigation continues Curry faces charges for hurting a family member and causing serious injury. We still do know exactly how Neveah died. Her autopsy results will give more information. The town waits anxiously for what next in court. They hope justice will help heal the pain. Neveah death is a sad reminder of how domestic violence affects communities. Its important to protect those who might be in danger. Stow mourns the loss of Neveah and stands together determined to create a safer more supportive place for everyone.

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