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Beloved Sports Announcer Arrested in Meth Bust Raising Doubts on Dual Life

Marvin Turner Arrested in Chambers County Drug Bust

 Marvin Turner Stunning Arrest

According to the report of WTVM, in a big surprise the quiet streets of Chambers County were shaken by the arrest of Marvin Turner a well liked sports announcer. It came after a careful two-year investigation ended with a drug bust. Police went to Turner home on North 14th Street in Lanett on Friday. They found drugs money and two guns there. One of the guns was illegal a short shotgun.

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Beloved Sports Announcer Arrested in Meth Bust, Raising Doubts on Dual Life (PHOTO: KHQA)

Chambers County Beloved Sports Announcer Marvin Turner Faces Shocking Drug Bust

After the commotion settled down people learned how serious Turner actions were. Alongside the drugs cops found the two guns showing a different side of Turner. While he was known as a sports announcer it seemed he was also involved in some shady stuff. This discovery shocked people who respected and trusted him. Now the community is trying to understand what happened. They wondering how much Turner was involved in the drug trade. With Turner facing legal trouble the once familiar sound of his sports broadcasts is gone. Its left a feeling of betrayal and disbelief in its wake. As investigators dig deeper people are realizing that things are always as they seem. Its a reminder that even those we trust can have secrets we don’t know about.

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