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Alleged ‘Serial Rapist’ Faces Six Assault Charges- NASA Engineer Arrested!

NASA Engineer Faces Additional Charges in Sexual Assault Cases

NASA Engineer Accused in Multiple Sexual Assault Cases Labeled “Serial Rapist”

Eric Sim, a NASA engineer accused of attacking two women, now faces charges in four more sexual assault cases. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has filed multiple charges against the 37-year-old, labeling him a “serial rapist” due to his alleged predatory behavior. Sim, who reportedly used his job at NASA and international travels to gain credibility, is said to have met his victims through dating apps and websites.

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Alleged ‘Serial Rapist’ Faces Six Assault Charges- NASA Engineer Arrested! (PHOTO: Fox News)

Authorities Fear Additional Victims in Wake of Serial Rape Allegations Against NASA Engineer

Authorities express concern that there may be more victims in Houston, across the United States, and even internationally in countries like Japan and Canada, where Sim frequently traveled. They urge anyone who had contact with Sim or believes they may have been victimized to come forward and provide information. This case underscores the importance of survivors speaking out and the ongoing effort to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

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