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Guilty Pleas Entered in Attack on State Rep. Maryam Khan: Desmond Faces 5 Years Behind Bars

Andrey Desmond (Photo: Google)

The latest updates on the case involving the assault on State Rep. Maryam Khan. Andrey Desmond has pleaded guilty to attempted sexual assault, risk of injury to a child, and strangulation. Despite Rep. Khan’s dissatisfaction with the sentence, Desmond will serve five years in prison with an additional 16 years on special parole.

State Rep. Maryam Khan (Photo: Google)

Guilty Pleas Entered in State Rep. Maryam Khan’s Assault Case

In a recent court proceeding, Andrey Desmond confessed to his guilt in the attack on State Rep. Maryam Khan. In a report from NBC Connecticut, his guilty pleas were heard in connection to attempted sexual assault, risk of injury to a child, and strangulation charges. Despite Rep. Khan expressing her disappointment with the sentence, Desmond faces a five-year prison term along with 16 years on special parole. Rep. Khan’s attorney, Aaron Romano, highlighted her concerns regarding the severity of the sentence and the need for community protection. Desmond’s acknowledgment of his actions came with an apology pending his sentencing day, set for June 4.

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Rep. Maryam Khan Criticizes Police Response Following Guilty Pleas

State Rep. Maryam Khan’s attorney, Aaron Romano, expressed her disappointment with the sentence following Andrey Desmond’s admission of guilt in the attack case. Desmond’s guilty pleas included charges of attempted sexual assault, risk of injury to a child, and strangulation. Rep. Khan has raised concerns about the safety of the community. She also wants a stringent punishment for Desmond but the latter was sentenced to five years in prison and on special parole for 16 years. Rep. Khan has been vocal about her criticism of the Hartford Police Department’s response to the incident in June. As the legal proceedings continue, Rep. Khan awaits Desmond’s apology, scheduled for his sentencing day on June 4.

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