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42 Year Old Confrontation Results in Teen Death and Multiple Charges for Alleged Molester

Danyale Harris Tragic Confrontation Leads to Devastating Outcome

Mother Pursuit of Alleged Molester Ends in Death and Life Sentence

According to the report of TRUE CRIME DAILY, A mother named Danyale Harris got a life sentence for a bad fight that led to a person dying. It happened because she was very upset about what she thought happened to her daughter. She believed a man named Antonio Harley did something wrong to her daughter. Even though the police told her not to do anything bad she went with some people to confront Harley. They chased him to his apartment and there was shooting. Sadly a young man named Juan Newkirk who was with Harris got killed. Harris got in trouble for this and was found guilty of serious crimes. This shows how doing bad things because you are angry can make everything worse.

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Mother Pursuit of Alleged Molester Ends in Death and Life Sentence (PHOTO: Dreddsworld)

Alleged Molester Troubles and Tragic Lessons in Vigilante Justice

The man Harris was upset with Antonio Harley  is also in trouble because of what he allegedly did to Harris daughter. He has been judged yet. This whole situation is making the community very sad and worried. Its a lesson for everyone that trying to take justice into your own hands can lead to very bad things happening. Its better to let the law deal with problems like this instead of making things worse by doing something dangerous.

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