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Arson Attempt in Union Station’s Freedom Bell Sparks Police Investigation in DC

Suspect’s Arson Attempt on Freedom Bell, No Injuries Reported

Suspect’s Motive Behind Bizarre Freedom Bell Arson Attempt Remains Unclear, Investigation Ongoing

The government in Washington, D.C. reported on an odd event in which someone tried to light the Freedom Bell outside Union Station on fire. Officials clarified that the suspect attempted to ignite the bell itself, despite early internet rumors that they attempted to set themselves on fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and officials stressed that law police should handle this situation.

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 Arson Attempt in Union Station’s Freedom Bell Sparks Police Investigation in DC. (PHOTO: Yahoo)

Freedom Bell Outside Union Station Stands Firm Amidst Attempted Arson

Since 1981, the Freedom Bell—which bears a striking resemblance to the famous Liberty Bell in Philadelphia—has stood outside Union Station. The bronze bell, which once belonged to the veterans’ group American Legion, is historically significant and stands for both patriotism and freedom. Even after the absurd effort to burn it down, the bell still stands as a testament to resiliency and timeless American ideals.

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