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Texas Man Sentenced to Life for Decades-Long Child Abuse – Claiming God Told Him to Do It!

(PHOTO: FOX 4 News)

Justice for Victims of Sexual Assault

Caudill’s Religious Claims Rejected in Court

According to True Crime Daily, in a harrowing case in Collin County, Texas, a 46-year-old man Christopher Caudill, has been sentenced to life in prison for sexually assaulting a juvenile for nearly six years. The jury found Caudill guilty of continuous sexual abuse of a child and due to the severity of the offense he was sentenced to life and is not eligible for parole by law. The disturbing nature of the case was compounded by Caudill’s attempts to justify his actions based on his religious beliefs claiming that “God told him to do it” and citing Biblical references.

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Texas Man Sentenced to Life for Decades-Long Child Abuse – Claiming God Told Him to Do It! (PHOTO: LawNow Magazine)

Victim’s Actions Lead to Justice in Caudill Case

In November 2021, the victim who was 18 years old bravely reported Christopher Caudill’s crimes to a family friend who informed law enforcement as published by another article on Fox 4 News. The abuse happened over several years, from when the victim was 11 to 17 years old. Caudill tried to justify his actions using the Bible but the jury found him guilty and was sentenced to life. Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis condemned Caudill’s use of religion to justify his crimes and praised the jury’s decision. This case shows the community’s commitment to holding perpetrators of child abuse accountable.

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