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$150,000 Bond for Drug-Filled Apartment in Jonesboro

Man Arrested for Endangering Infant with Drug-Filled Environment in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Jonesboro Resident Faces Charges After Allegedly Leaving Drugs Near Sleeping Baby

According to the report of K8 NEWS, in Jonesboro Arkansas a man named Jerome Christian Casey who is 36 years old got arrested. They say he put drugs next to a baby while it was sleeping. The police found out about this and took him in. The judge named David Boling thinks there enough proof to charge Casey with many crimes. This includes having a gun when he should having drugs to sell and putting a child in danger. The police who look into crimes involving drugs found these drugs next to the baby when they searched Casey place on North Patrick Street.

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Jonesboro Resident Faces Charges After Allegedly Leaving Drugs Near Sleeping Baby (PHOTO: KFOR)

Jonesboro Man Faces High Bail After Drug-Filled Home Endangers Infant

Casey is someone who been in trouble before. Since 2015, he been a felon which means he done something bad in the past. When the police looked around his place they found more things they were happy about. They found a gun a digital scale like the one you might use to weigh things and a bong which is a way people smoke drugs. All these things added up to more trouble for Casey. The judge decided he should pay $150,000 to get out of jail. He has to show up in court again on April 26. This whole thing shows how serious it is when drugs are involved especially when they can hurt innocent people like babies. The police acted quickly to stop this from happening again.

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