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Accused of Fatal Shooting His Friend- North Carolina’s ‘Batman’ Turns Villain!

Rowan County Resident Fatally Shot in Dispute Between Friends

Friends’ Argument Leads to Fatal Shooting in Rowan County

According to True Crime Daily, In Rowan County, North Carolina, a big fight between two friends ended very badly this week. It happened on Thursday, March 21 just before 1 p.m., at a house on Crystal Lane. A man named Jonathan Yancey got shot and died there. The person who did it ran away before the police got there. People who saw what happened said the shooter was a man called Cody Helms, who everyone knows as “Batman”. They said Cody and Jonathan were arguing before the shooting happened.

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Accused of Fatal Shooting His Friend- North Carolina’s ‘Batman’ Turns Villain! (PHOTO: WCCB Charlotte)

Arrest Made in Fatal Shooting as Residents Seek Answers and Justice

Cody was promptly apprehended by police near the residence where the incident occurred. They arrested him and jailed him for murder. He is currently waiting to appear in court. People in the area are very saddened by what happened. They’re trying to find out why two buddies got into a fight like this and they’re hoping that the cops can help. It’s a terribly terrible time for everyone.

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