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16-Year-Old Among Alleged Abusers in Shocking Family Abduction Case

(photo: Roberts Stoffel Family Law Group)

Family Abduction Case: Teen Victim Found Severely Injured

Teenager Rescued from Family Abduction Suffering Severe Abuse

Four individuals including a teenager have been arrested for the abduction and brutal mistreatment of an 18-year-old family member, according to True Crime Daily. Responding to a distress call at a local hospital authorities found the victim weighing only 70 pounds and suffering from severe injuries such as a brain bleed and rib fractures.

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Teenager Rescued from Family Abduction Suffering Severe Abuse. (photo: TooFab)

Arrests Made in Disturbing Family Abduction Case

Details emerged of the victim’s ordeal, including videos from a 16-year-old family member’s phone showing them restrained to a bunk bed with tape and handcuffs. Investigators uncovered a plot where the victim was restrained at night and beaten by relatives. Text messages implicated family members with Gary Graham Jr. allegedly instructing Aaron Williams to continue the abuse. They were swiftly arrested on charges of kidnapping and willful injury. The case highlights the urgent need to address domestic abuse and protect vulnerable individuals.

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