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27-Year-Old Faces Charges Amid Disturbing Social Media Footage

Arrest Made in Scene Tampering Incident

Social Media Speculation Surrounds Arrest in Wasco Train Collision Case

According to the report of Bakersfield Californian, in Wasco Kern County on Friday morning a person was hit by a train around 8 a.m. The Kern County Sheriff Office came quickly to help the BNSF Railroad Police look into what happened. But things got even more surprising when they arrested Resendo Tellez a 27-year-old guy for possibly messing with the accident scene.

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Social Media Speculation Surrounds Arrest in Wasco Train Collision Case (PHOTO: Post and Courier)

Arrested Suspect Faces Chilling Charges Amid Social Media Speculation

The KCSO website listed the charges against Tellez which included suspicion of taking a body part from somewhere it should be having stuff related to drugs and breaking the rules of his probation. Also videos on social media showed a guy maybe Tellez holding something as cops showed up making people online think it might be a body part. This is really shocking for the community. People are wondering what exactly happened with the person hit by the train and why Tellez was acting like that. The police are still trying to figure out what really went down and make sure everyone involved gets the right justice.

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