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Burglary Scandal Rocks the NBA- Timberwolves Team Member in Shocking Arrest!

Former Timberwolves Employee Faces Consequences for Unauthorized Hard Drive Removal

Ex-Timberwolves Employee Arrested for Unauthorized Data Theft at Target Center

Somak Sarkar, who used to work for the Minnesota Timberwolves got into trouble for burglary scandal, taking a hard drive containing vital team information from the office. The hard drive was the property of Sachin Gupta the team’s Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. Sarkar lost his job and got arrested for taking the hard drive without permission. This incident occurred at the Target Center office just last month.

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Burglary Scandal Rocks the NBA- Timberwolves Team Member in Shocking Arrest! (PHOTO: New York Post)

Former Timberwolves Employee’s Actions Raise Concerns Over Team Data Security

Surveillance footage captured Sarkar entering Gupta’s office and removing the hard drive on February 3. Subsequently, law enforcement discovered it among Sarkar’s belongings in his apartment, alongside various electronic gadgets. The hard drive stored sensitive data including player information and financial records. Despite Sarkar’s assertion that he took it for work-related reasons and inadvertently forgot to return it, the Timberwolves express apprehension regarding its potential impact on their NBA competitiveness. They acknowledged their awareness of the issue but opted not to provide additional comments due to the ongoing legal proceedings.

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