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2 Missing Kids Found Dead in a Container: Father and Girlfriend Arrested for Wicked Crime!

2 Missing Kids Found Deceased – Shock Grips Community

Father and Girlfriend Charged in Connection with Tragic Incident

According to True Crime Daily, the Pueblo Police Department found something alarming during their search for 2 missing kids. They discovered a metal container filled with hard concrete hiding the body of a little girl. She was Yesenia Dominguez only three years old when she went missing along with her brother, Jesus Dominguez Jr., who was about five at the time. To make matters worse detectives also found a suitcase containing the remains of Jesus Dominguez Jr., making the situation even more serious.

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2 Missing Kids Found Dead in a Container: Father and Girlfriend Arrested for Wicked Crime! (PHOTO: ThoughtCo)

Suspect Charged of 2 Missing Kids + Promising Pursuit of Justice

As the police kept investigating they focused on possible suspects linked to the terrible crime. Jesus Dominguez Sr. the father of the missing children, and his girlfriend, Corena Minjarez, were taken in for questioning. Afterwards, they were both charged with serious crimes like first-degree murder and mistreatment of a corpse. This shocking news deeply affected the community according to another published article by Yahoo News revealing a horrifying case that had been unnoticed for years. The discovery of the children’s fate was an important step toward justice. Minjarez and Jesus Dominguez Sr. were put in custody with bonds set at $2 million each. As the community dealt with the sadness of the tragic news of 2 missing kids that had died authorities promised to keep working to bring comfort to the grieving families and to hold those responsible for this terrible violence against innocent children accountable.

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