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Tragic Loss at Campbellsville University: Community Mourns Josiah Kilman’s Untimely Death

Josiah Kilman’s Death Leaves Community in Mourning

Community Mourns Josiah Kilman’s Untimely Death. (PHOTO: CNN)

Campbellsville University Mourns Loss of Student Josiah Kilman

A sad event happened at Campbellsville University when 18-year-old Josiah Kilman a student and wrestler was found dead in his dorm according to News 5 Cleveland. He was strangled to death leaving his family, friends, and the university in shock. His teammate 21-year-old Charles E. Escalera was quickly arrested and charged with murder, making everyone even more upset. People shared kind words about Josiah saying he was a good person and a talented athlete. The university’s president Joseph Hopkins expressed deep sadness over Josiah’s death and offered support to everyone affected. As the community tries to cope with what happened they’re also trying to understand why it happened and it’s a difficult time for everyone involved.

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Campbellsville University Honors Josiah Kilman’s Enduring Spirit

Now that Charles is in jail the community is trying to heal. Josiah’s family asked for privacy as they mourn their son. Even though Josiah is gone people will always remember him for being caring and strong and his memory will stay with the university forever.

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