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Community Mourns: Girl Missing Found in River Days Later

Girl Missing Found in River of Livingston, Texas

Community Mourns: Girl Missing Found in River Days Later (PHOTO:

Person of Interest Arrested

According to True Crime Daily, a tragic discovery of girl missing found in river named Audrii Cunningham‘s body has brought an end to a week-long search that gripped the community of Livingston, Texas. Cunningham, who went missing on February 15 after failing to board her school bus sparked widespread concern and led to an Amber Alert being issued the same day. The investigation took a concerning turn when authorities arrested 42-year-old Don Steven McDougal on unrelated charges identifying him as a person of interest due to his suspected connection to Cunningham’s disappearance. McDougal who lived in a camper behind Cunningham’s home had a prior conviction related to enticing a child in 2008 but was not registered as a sex offender.

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Investigation Unfolds

Efforts to locate Cunningham boosted, leading investigators to discover her backpack near Lake Livingston Dam and ultimately her body in the Trinity River on February 20. The discovery give rise to authorities to draft an arrest warrant for McDougal on a charge of capital murder. Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Craig Cummings praised McDougal’s cooperation in providing information that helped pinpoint areas of interest leading to the grim discovery. While the community mourns the loss of girl missing found in river named Audrii Cunningham, the pursuit of justice for her tragic death continues as law enforcement moves forward with legal proceedings against McDougal.

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