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Reported Duluth Gas Station Armed Robbery Turned Out To Be Orchestrated

Shell Gas Station in Duluth
Shell Gas Station in Duluth (Photo: Way website)

Responding to a report of armed robbery at a Shell gas station in Duluth, police officers witnessed through a video footage, a comical skit of the gas station’s two employee.

Raj Patel and Danny Curtis staging a robbery at Duluth Shell gas station

Raj Patel and Danny Curtis staging a robbery at Duluth Shell gas station (Photo: Duluth Police Department)

Robbery Stunt In A Gas Station By Its 2 Employees

According to Atlanta News First, on January 21, Duluth’s police officers responded to an armed robbery report in a Shell gas station in Buford Highway just after midnight.

The employee behind the gas station’s service counter named Raj Patel, told the police that a man wearing all black, face covered too, entered the store with a knife. Patel claimed that the man violently stole his chain and struck his face which caused him to lose consciousness. When he awoke, he claimed too to witness the man talking about $ 5000 from the cash register. However, the police officer found no visible marks on Patel’s face, reported by Black Enterprise.

Fortunately, the gas station has security video footage and upon review, the police officers found out that the reported man wearing all black exited through the store’s side door, changed into his working clothes, and turned out to be another employee of the gas station named Danny Curtis.

Patel insists on Curtis’ innocence, but the latter, during an interrogation, admitted to only following Patel’s order to stage the crime.

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Police Officer Remarked The Stunt As Comical

The two employees of the Shell gas station seem to forget that it has camera around it and that the police will surely review it during the investigation.

After watching the strange video, a police officer said “The video looks very comical. It looks funny. It looked like you guys were trying to win an Oscar.” Funnily, Curtis simply responded “I know.”

Duluth Police Corporal Ted Sadowski confirmed that Curtis is in Gwinnet County Jail facing charges of theft and conspiracy charge while Patel has an outstanding warrant for conspiracy charge.

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