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Palmetto Man Tragic Death: Family Seeks Justice Clears Among FDLE Report

Controversy Surrounds Death of Palmetto Man After Police Arrest


Family Disputes Investigation Findings in Palmetto Man Death

A Palmetto Man, Breonte Lamar Johnson-Davis Sr. died after police arrested him according to ABC Action News. People are upset because they believe the police used excessive force. The investigation said the police did nothing wrong, but Johnson-Davis’s family disagrees strongly. One night, Johnson-Davis acted strangely in a store. The police came and there’s a video showing them trying to control him. They used tasers and paramedics tried to help him. Despite their efforts he died the next day. His family believes the police caused his death.

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Family Vows to Pursue Justice for Palmetto Man Breonte Johnson-Davis

Johnson-Davis’s family is determined to find justice. They don’t trust the investigation’s results. They want to go to higher authorities like the U.S. Department of Justice to make sure what happened to Breonte doesn’t happen to others.

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