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Suspect Arrested at Mount Vernon Apartment Complex Faces Multiple Charges

Mount Vernon Police
Mount Vernon Police (Photo: Google)

The suspect threw items inside the apartment complex, pulled out knife and claimed to hurt themselves, threw items out of the apartment at officers, and started a fire inside the unit.

Photo: Google

Suspect’s Damages To The Mount Vernon Apartment Complex

The incident in Mount Vernon Apartment Complex started at about 12:20 PM on February 16, when the Mount Vernon Police responded to a report of a court violation on E. College Way just near 19th Street.

Not until 5 PM that the suspect who barricaded themselves in the said apartment complex, started to throw things in the hallway. They were reported to be with a knife and threatened to hurt each other. Police officers attempted to verbally settle things down, but things were instead thrown out to them, and the suspect started a fire in one of the apartment units.

The suspect still won’t get out of the apartment even though police officers have used less lethal munitions. Firefighters came to extinguish the fire and started to vent smoke from the area.

As police officers attempted to deescalate the scene before, they have inhaled smoke, hence were brought to Skagit Valley Hospital. They were released later.

The suspect eventually surrendered around 6:36 PM after the crisis negotiator finally talked to him, reported by Kiro7.

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Booked Into Jail For Court Order Violation, Arson

According to Mount Vernon Police Department Lieutenant Dave Shackleton, they were assisted by a member of the Skagit County Crisis Negotiations Team from the Burlington Police Department.

According to Fox13, the crisis negotiator succeeded to engage verbally the 39-year-old suspect which resulted in his arrest. He was immediately brought into Skagit County Jail, and he will be facing charges of first-degree-arson, third-degree assault, resisting arrest and violation of a court order.

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