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Woman Experienced Brutal Stabbing in Milwaukee, Couple Charged with Attempted Homicide

A crime scene at night. Police cars with emergency lights flashing behind yellow cordon tape declaring - police line, do not cross.

A harrowing tale of stabbing in Milwaukee as a woman fights for her life after being viciously stabbed multiple times. Patrick Pirtle, 36, and Piranjoli “Jessica” Pembleton, 32, face grave charges of attempted homicide among other felonies in connection to the brutal attack on the 32-year-old victim.

Woman Experienced Brutal Stabbing in Milwaukee, Couple Charged with Attempted Homicide (Photo: Google)

Brutal Stabbing in Milwaukee

The horrifying ordeal began with a domestic incident on January 25, where the victim endured a savage assault by her boyfriend, Patrick Pirtle, resulting in her fleeing to seek help.

Just a week later, on February 2, the nightmare intensified when the victim was ruthlessly stabbed in a car, allegedly by Pembleton, as Pirtle reportedly watched on.

The victim, barely clinging to life, bravely recounted the terrifying events, detailing the relentless assault she endured at the hands of Pirtle and Pembleton.

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Brutal Stabbing in Milwaukee: Defendants Face Justice

Following their arrests, Pirtle and Pembleton faced the consequences of their heinous actions in court, where they were charged with multiple serious offenses.

Despite Pembleton’s denial of direct involvement in the stabbing, both she and Pirtle are held accountable for the brutal attack that left the victim fighting for survival.

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