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Former American Diplomat Charged as Cuban Agent: Manuel Rocha Faces Trial in Miami Federal Court

Former US Diplomat Charged as Cuban Agent: Manuel Rocha Faces Trial in Miami Federal CourtEl embajador de los Estados Unidos en Bolivia, Manuel Rocha declara a la prensa el 11 de julio de 2001 en La Paz. Rocha reitero que Estados Unidos "apoya plenamente" el gobierno transitorio boliviano al mando del Vicepresidente Jorge Quiroga Ramirez, quien ejerce la presidencia del pais desde el pasado 02 de julio, fecha en la que el presidente Hugo Banzer Viajo a Washington DC para someterse a un tratamiento medico que diagnostico un cancer en el pulmon izquierdo y el higado, por lo que Banzer permanecera hospitalizado por treinta dias mas. AFP/PHOTO Gonzalo ESPINOZA (Photo by GONZALO ESPINOZA / AFP) (Photo by GONZALO ESPINOZA/AFP via Getty Images)

Manuel Rocha, a former American diplomat, has been formally accused of serving as a Cuban government agent in Miami. Rocha, aged 73, pleaded not guilty during his arraignment after being held in federal detention since December. Prosecutors claim Rocha was recruited by Cuba in the 1970s and worked secretly for them during his two-decade diplomatic career.

Former American Diplomat Charged as Cuban Agent: Manuel Rocha Faces Trial in Miami Federal Court

Former Ambassador Manuel Rocha Faces Trial: From Diplomat to Accused Cuban Agent, Court Drama Unfolds

Despite his attorney’s previous waiver, Rocha’s presence in court attracted attention as he appeared in a prison jumpsuit with a full beard. He maintained his innocence and requested a jury trial, with the judge scheduling the trial for late March and Rocha choosing not to seek bail.

The charges against Rocha include acting as an illegal foreign agent, conspiracy, and multiple counts of fraud. According to the indictment, Rocha became a U.S. citizen after being recruited by Cuban intelligence, serving in various State Department positions from 1981 to 2002 across several countries, including the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Cuba, and ending as Bolivia’s ambassador. While the specifics of the information he allegedly shared with Cuba remain undisclosed, he has not been charged with espionage at this time.

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Cuban Defector Tip-off Sparks FBI Probe, Delayed Charges Ignite Plea Negotiation Speculation

The investigation leading to Rocha’s arrest likely began after a Cuban defector’s tip-off. Undercover FBI agents contacted Rocha in November, leading to discussions about his alleged involvement with Cuban intelligence. Additionally, reports suggest that U.S. intelligence may have failed to act on information about Rocha provided almost twenty years ago.

The delay in formally charging Rocha, despite his December arrest, has sparked speculation about potential plea negotiations. Recent revelations about Rocha transferring property titles to his wife post-arrest further complicate the case and could impact potential forfeiture proceedings.

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