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Miss. Couple’s Drug Argument Ends in Tragedy, Killing 75-Year-Old Man

Woman Experienced Brutal Stabbing in Milwaukee, Couple Charged with Attempted Homicide (Photo: Google)

Vicksburg’s calm Speed Street neighborhood was tragically hit on February 2nd evening. As police and firemen hurried to 508 Speed St. to tackle a building fire, sirens broke the peaceful night.

Miss. Couple’s Drug Argument Ends in Tragedy, Killing 75-Year-Old Man (Photo: Google)

Tragedy Happens: Killing 75-Year-Old Man

As the house burned, valiant firefighters fought hard to put it out. In the turmoil and smoke, 75-year-old man Ernest Gleese was found dead in the house’s burned remnants.

The horrific fire investigation took a frightening turn when officials discovered a malevolent motivation. The Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office said the fire was purposely caused after a drug fight.

The home’s 50-year-old Carolyn Mansfield admitted to starting the horrific fire. On February 7, police arrested her for first-degree murder and arson with a sad heart. However, Mansfield’s alleged misdeeds were not isolated.

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Accomplice Charged and Sought

Her partner and accomplice, 74-year-old man Albert Thomas, was charged with first-degree murder and arson. Despite searching for Thomas, officials filed a bench warrant for his arrest, increasing the quest for justice.

A judge heard Mansfield the same day as her arrest in a quick court procedure. Due to the seriousness of the allegations, she was given a $1.75 million bail.

The arrest of Mansfield and the pursuit of justice for Ernest Gleese’s needless death remind the community of the fragility of life and the destructive effects of unbridled violence.

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