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Shooting At Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade killed 1 And Wounded Several Others

Kansas City's Super Bowl celebration
Kansas City's Super Bowl celebration (Photo from Google)

Residents of Kansas City gathered on February 14, 2022, to celebrate their Chiefs who won the Super Bowl on Sunday, defeating the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 25-22. However, as the parade was ending, the shooting occurred resulting in 1 death and several injuries.

Kansas City's Super Bowl victory parade and celebration

Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory parade and celebration (Photo from Google)

Motive For The Shooting, Still Unknown

In a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Police Chief Stacey Graves of Kansas City announced that they detained three people in relation to the shooting. They have recovered firearms from the scene too. There is a video which shows fan tackling someone, but the police are still investigating if that person is one of their persons of interest.

Chief Ross, Kansas City Fire Department, said that in addition to 1 death there are 21 victims of the shooting. Of these victims, eight had immediate life-threatening injuries, seven people had life-threatening injuries and six had minor wounds. All of the victims were brought to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

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800 Law Enforcement Officers at the scene

While the Chiefs of Kansas City parade was ending, shots were fired close to Union Station. Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said that there are 1 to 15 people who were shot but they are still determining the exact number of victims.

Graves was angry at what happened in what should be just a celebration. Nevertheless, she praised the officers who ran toward danger. There are 800 law enforcement officers in the area to protect the public. It’s just that there are a very few bad actors hence, this tragedy occurred, according to Graves.

The officials said they will give several updates and they are calling it “fluid situation.”

Patrick Mahomes, chiefs quarterback tweeted, “Praying for Kansas City.”

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