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Mom Evicted Indiana Teen Son, Allegedly Strangled To Death By Son

Valparaiso Police
Valparaiso Police (Photo from Google)

An Indiana teen son allegedly failed to follow her mom’s “agreed upon house rules” which led to the mom filing an eviction notice against her son. Police officers who responded to the scene observed that the furniture has been moved implying that there was a struggle.

Conner Kobold

Conner Kobold (Photo from Google)

Teen Asked The Police To Handcuff And Place Him In the Back Of A Squad Car

Valparaiso Police Department officers received several requests of their assistance at around 4PM on Monday, February 5, 2024. The call is from an Conner Kobold, a 19-year-old Indiana male. In one of his calls, Kobold said, “I need you to send a police car here right now” then hung up.

Police officers saw Kabold with scratches on his face. He then asked them to handcuff him and that he rides the police squad car in the back. He also old the police officers that there is a dead person inside the house on the corner.

In the nearby house, he police reportedly found Shanelle Burns, Kabold’s mother. She was unresponsive without a pulse. She was immediately brought to a local hospital for treatment, but she died two days later on February 7. The officers identified Kobold as the primary suspect.

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Mom Suffered Brain Damage Before Her Death

Shanelle Burns, who worked as a vice president of advancement at Loyola University Chicago, were already unresponsive and without pulse when the Valparaiso Police officers found her. She was then brought to a local hospital.

According to the hospital staff, she suffered “substantial” brain damage before her death, sustained small ligature marks on her neck and had a body temperature of 93 degrees at one point. On February 9, the autopsy conducted determined that the Burns cause of death is asphyxiation secondary to strangulation. Her death was ruled a homicide.

Burns’ son, Conner Kobold, was initially charged attempted murder, aggravated battery and strangulation by the Porter County Jail. However, he now faces an upgraded charge of murder, according to jail records.

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