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A man with a gun, shot by a Raleigh police officer on a Saturday night

Raleigh police conduct an investigation following the shooting of the gun-wielding man

Raleigh Police officers

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According to Raleigh police, unidentified gunman was shot by one of their police officers on a Saturday night in Southeast Raleigh near the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Gardens.

On a Sunday morning news conference, Deputy Chief Zachary Lechette said that around 10:30 PM on the night before, was when the shots were heard near 800 Rock Quarry Road. Raleigh police received the report and responded immediately to the scene. One of their police officers found the man with a gun and shot him.

Raleigh police did not identify the name nor the age of the gunman and did not say the name of their police officer who fired the gun. The gunman was only injured and was taken to the local hospital for treatment.

The stretch of Rock Quarry Road has been closed for several hours from Saturday night to Sunday morning following the incident. It’s now been reopened.

Lechette said that they are reviewing the police officers’ body camera footage. These footages will be included in the ongoing investigation by both the State Bureau of Investigation and Raleigh Police Department internal affairs. This is according to their departmental policy.

In addition, they will also submit a five-day report to the manager of Raleigh City with more details. No further details about the shooting were given by the Raleigh police when The News & Observer asked.

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Man tased despite having heart problems

In another incident on the same Rock Quarry Road in January 2023, Raleigh police use a taser thrice on a man named Darryl “Tyree” Williams, aged 32, which resulted in his death.

The News & Observer previously reported that Raleigh police were on a “proactive patrol” at the time when they found Williams inside a suspicious vehicle outside a sweepstakes parlor in the 800 block of Quarry Road. Williams had a folded dollar bill with a white powdery substance in his pocket, according to N&O report.

Williams and the Raleigh police had a struggle, so the police had to use the taser on him. In a released footage, it was seen that after the second taser, Williams was heard telling the police that he had heart problems. His plea was not heard by the police because they used the taser again for the third and final time. Williams was then handcuffed after but has become unresponsive. He died later in the hospital, according to N&O report.

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