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Heroic Stand Turns Violent: West Haven Man Pistol-Whipped Protecting Against Car Theft

West Haven Man Pistol-Whipped Protecting Against Car Theft (Photo: Google)

A West Haven resident’s car-warming routine became a terrifying nightmare on a cold Friday night. A caller called the police after hearing a fight on Lawncrest Road Ext. around 11:05 p.m.

West Haven Man Pistol-Whipped Protecting Against Car Theft (Photo: Google)

Man Pistol-Whipped Protecting Against Car Theft

Officers came quickly to discover two individuals fighting. The shocking twist: a gun was involved. The victim tried protecting against car theft and told police about the disturbing events.

The victim said an opportunistic burglar stole his car as he was warming it up in the driveway. The householder fought the robber to safeguard his belongings, injuring him.

After hearing a gunshot, police searched and found Roman, the culprit, with the help of a K9. Roman surrendered to the K9 and was arrested without incident.

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Discovery of BB Pistol and Mask Escalates Charges Against Car Thief

A little distance from where Roman was arrested, the K9 found a BB pistol, ski mask, and other stuff. Events became more grim after the finding.

Roman is charged with robbery, firearm assault, and carrying a dangerous weapon. A $150,000 bail adds to the legal penalties of the accused acts.

This distressing event reminds us that even the most commonplace actions can lead to severe confrontations. West Haven residents are appreciative of law enforcement’s quick reaction but are reminded to stay careful even in their driveways.

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