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Nashville police response time: A WSMV4 Investigative Analysis reveals

Nashville police response time: A WSMV4 Investigative Analysis reveals (Photo: WSMV4 /Canva/Rachelle J)
Nashville police response time: A WSMV4 Investigative Analysis reveals (Photo: WSMV4 /Canva/Rachelle J)

WSMV4’s recent investigation uncovers a worrying pattern of extended Metro Nashville police response time, raising concerns about public safety and crime prevention.

Nashville police response time: A WSMV4 Investigative Analysis reveals (Photo: WSMV4 /Canva/Rachelle J)

Nashville police response time: A WSMV4 Investigative Analysis reveals (Photo: WSMV4 /Canva/Rachelle J)

WSMV4 Investigates Unveils the Alarming Trend of Prolonged Nashville Police Response Time

An in-depth investigation by WSMV4 has shown a concerning trend in the Metro Nashville Police response time to incidents. Data analysis found a considerable rise in the time it takes police to respond to critical calls, limiting the department’s capacity to address crimes and emergencies quickly.

The analysis, spanning from 2018 to 2023, highlighted a nearly twofold rise in average response times for urgent incidents, including burglaries and domestic violence cases. This alarming escalation has led to concerns about the potential repercussions of delayed police intervention in such critical situations.

The WSMV4 investigation also referenced crime analyst Jeff Asher, who contrasted Nashville’s response times to those of major cities like New York and Seattle. The data revealed that Nashville’s average response time is significantly longer than that of other comparable urban areas, raising concerns regarding the impact of extended responses on incident reporting and crime resolution.

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Public Safety Alert: WSMV4 Inquiry Reveals Disturbing Delay in Metro Nashville Police Response Time to Urgent Incidents

This investigation shed light on the real-life stories of people like Cody Herrmann, who saw directly what happened when police took too long to respond. His story, together with other people who experienced the same scenarios, shows what could happen to public safety and the speed with which crimes are solved when reaction times are too long.

At 7:41 a.m. on the morning of December 28, Cody Herrmann contacted 911 nearly immediately upon waking up to discover that his Jeep had been taken. When he still hadn’t seen an officer by 9:00 a.m., he dialed 911 again.

“I was just calling for ETA when an officer was going to be here,” Herrmann can be heard saying in the call.

“We’re just waiting for an officer to become available,” the 911 operator responded.

911 records show it would ultimately take two hours and two minutes for the officer to respond.

“When you made the call, how quickly did you expect the police to get there?” asked WSMV4 Investigates.

“Fifteen to twenty minutes,” Herrmann said.

A WSMV4 Investigative analysis of Metro Nashville police response times since 2018 shows it is taking officers longer each year to respond to crimes and emergencies. Since 2018, the average response times to urgent calls, which include crimes not in progress, have nearly doubled, according to the data.

Police responded to urgent burglary reports in 30 minutes on average in 2018. It took 56.9 minutes in 2023. Emergency calls for domestic violence and rape were addressed identically. MNPD responded to urgent rape reports in 47 minutes in 2018 and 78 minutes in 2023. Since the epidemic affected the data, we excluded 2020 response times. Crime analyst Jeff Asher investigated Nashville’s police response times in a survey of fifteen cities that publicized them.

The Metro Nashville Police Department has taken strategic steps to deal with the problems that these longer response times seem to cause. For example, shifts overlap during times of high crime, and people can report small problems on their own. But because worries are still there, the neighborhood and city governments need to deal with the real reasons why this problem is getting worse.

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