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Grave Chinese Cyber Threats: U.S. Sounds Alarm Following FBI’s Bold Move Against Botnet Menace

Grave Chinese Cyber Threats (Photo from CNBC)

The FBI and DOJ stopped the Grave Chinese Cyber Threats “Volt Typhoon.” Cisco and NetGear routers had malware that has Grave Chinese Cyber Threats in U.S. infrastructure. The DOJ said the hacking campaign hid behind private networks.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, center, testifies during a House Select Committee focusing on China on Capitol Hill, Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024, in Washington. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib)

FBI Eradicates ‘KV Botnet’ in Bold Move Against Grave Chinese Cyber Threat

Under legal permission, the FBI deleted the “KV Botnet” software from these infected routers, breaking their relationship to the botnet. Lumen Communications discovered in December 2023 that the KV Botnet had been active since February 2022. Remote work has made routers vulnerable.

The U.S. Volt Typhoon disruption operation after a May 2023 Microsoft advisory. The FBI, NSA, and CISA were informed of Chinese infrastructure hacking by this advice.

US national security officials claimed that the Grave Chinese Cyber Threats were for intelligence gathering and possible confrontation, particularly over Taiwan. FBI Director Christopher Wray supported China’s strategy of embedding hackers in civilian infrastructure to wreak mayhem in a congressional hearing.

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Warning of Chaos: China Targets Civilian Infrastructure, CISA Director Urges Vigilance Against Grave Chinese Cyber Threats

China is increasingly targeting civilian essential infrastructure to foment societal upheaval, according to CISA Director Jenny Easterly. She recalled the May 2021 Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, which hindered petroleum deliveries and caused anxiety.

U.S. Cyber Command Commander General Paul Nakasone said China intentionally attacked people’s water and power. Grave Chinese Cyber Threats Easterly warned of infrastructure disruptions, telephone failures, and general pandemonium, emphasizing the need to combat cyber threats.

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