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Group of NYC Illegal Migrants Who Allegedly Beat Two Police Officers Are Called for Deportation

Photo from Google

In a recent report from Daily Caller about the incident in Times Square, two New York City police officers were reportedly assaulted by a group of NYC illegal migrants, sparking calls for decisive action. Governor Kathy Hochul is now considering deportation for the alleged assailants, emphasizing that crimes against law enforcement by individuals not in the state legally should be thoroughly examined.

Group of NYC Illegal Migrants Who Allegedly Beat Two Police Officers Are Called for Deportation (Photo from AllSides)

Deportation on the Table of NYC Illegal Migrants

Governor Hochul condemned the assault on the police officers, emphasizing that such violence against law enforcement is unacceptable. She called upon judges and prosecutors to ensure justice is served, stressing the need for accountability.

Wilson Juarez, Jhoan Boada, Yorman Reveron, Darwin Andres Gomez-Izquiel, and Kelvin Servita Arocha are the individuals accused of second-degree assault on a police officer and obstruction of governmental administration.

Existing state law allows for bail in cases of assaulting an officer, and Governor Hochul’s spokesperson urged the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to hold the offenders accountable within the framework of the law.

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NYC Illegal Migrants Influx

Amidst this incident, New York City faces challenges managing an influx of illegal immigrants, with Mayor Eric Adams taking measures to accommodate them, including a temporary school closure. Mayor Adams temporarily closed James Madison High School to house illegal immigrants, disrupting students who had to resort to remote learning during this period.

To address growing concerns, Mayor Adams imposed curfews on migrant shelters after reports of panhandling among migrants for food and money in the city.

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