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43-Year-Old Moorhead Faces Attempted Murder Charges – $500,000 Bond Set in October Shooting Case!

October Shooting Case: Moorhead Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges (Photo from InForum)

Brandon Clint Elliott, 43, of Moorhead faces attempted murder charges from October 13, 2023.

October Shooting Case: Moorhead Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges (Photo from InForum)

October Shooting Case: Moorhead Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges

On January 29, Clay County District Court Judge Tammy Merkins set a $500,000 bond for Elliott’s felony offense, which carries a possible 40-year prison sentence.

The Moorhead man’s attempted murder charges involved a shooting around 20th Street and 20th Avenue South. Police located a man with a leg gunshot wound after receiving reports of shots fired. The victim described a fight with the suspect, who fired bullets and fled in an SUV.

Despite the incident, the man survived, saying it happened as he walked from a bus stop to 1901 20th Street South’s parking lot. The victim, unfamiliar with the gunman, reported a verbal argument that escalated to shooting in court filings. He allegedly shot the victim with a gun.

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Victim Identifies Brandon Elliott in Attempted Murder Charges

Court filings show that the victim recognized Brandon Elliott as the gunman from a six-person photo lineup, a critical breakthrough. Elliott’s identification is crucial to the crime. In court on January 29, Judge Tammy Merkins acknowledged the seriousness of Elliott’s attempted murder charges accusation and set a $500,000 bond. This strong link emphasizes the accusation against Moorhead.

Legal actions are a major step toward October shooting justice. Given the harsh penalties for attempted murder, Elliott may face serious consequences. Moorhead citizens monitor the attempted murder charges as it progresses. The victim’s identification of Elliott as the suspect underlines the importance of eyewitness testimony and criminal investigations.

Moorhead grapples with Brandon Clint Elliott’s attempted murder charges for the October shooting. The victim’s identification of Elliott is crucial to the case’s legal weight. The charges and probable consequences for the Moorhead man are highlighted by the legal processes.

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