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Couple Arrested on Child Abuse Allegations After Courageous Girl’s Rescue

Child Abuse (Photo: Google)

A couple charged with felony child abuse were arrested after an 8-year-old daughter bravely escaped an alleged violent scenario. After purportedly being physically abused, the young girl sought help from a kind stranger.

Child Abuse (Photo: Google)

Courageous Act: Young Girl Escapes Abusive Situation, Receives Help from Stranger

An 8-year-old girl is in critical condition after escaping what authorities say was an abusive environment and seeking assistance from an unknown individual.

According to the woman, a young girl covered in bruises was discovered when she answered the loud knocking on her door. The child abuse happened on Thursday night.

She let the kid inside her home, contacted 911, and then ignored the knock of a man and woman the kid said were responsible for her injuries. This is according to the woman who spoke to WSAZ.

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Justice Served: Couple Charged with Criminal Child Abuse Following Brave Rescue

Police who arrived in the area were able to catch the alleged couple, Justin and Kayla Frazier. They now face charges related to the criminal abuse of a child under 12.

The child told police the couple had abused her by hitting her with a metal pipe, putting her hands on a hot stove, and hitting her in the head with objects, according to the arrest report.

Then, an ambulance took the girl to the hospital. Doctors discovered that the child had fractured multiple bones, which healed at different rates.

Justin and Kayla Frazier are being held in the Boyd County Detention Center. The bond for each is set at $100,000 for the child abuse that they’ve committed.

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