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Tragedy Strikes on Professional Drive: Potential Robbery Ends in Deadly Triple Shooting

Potential robbery turns deadly, three shot on Professional Drive (Photo: Google)

Police are investigating Wichita Falls’ first homicide of the year at Country Park Houses on Professional Drive.

Potential robbery turns deadly, three shot on Professional Drive (Photo: Google)

Rapid Response and 911 Call in Deadly Confrontation

An alleged robbery occurred at 9:30 p.m. He was 33. First accounts said Quincy Moore, 32, was killed while attempting to rob Michael Smith, 33.

Three people were shot when police responded to a gunfire report. Two suspects and the 33-year-old victim are suspected of the theft. The second individual is under Wichita Falls police surveillance.

A neighbor stated they heard the victim shouting at the intruders to depart from the apartment. Shots were fired, prompting the neighbor to call 911. Worried neighbors’ fast response to contact the police and obtain medical treatment was crucial.

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Defending Oneself and Avoiding Danger

Sgt. Eipper underlined the need to escape hazardous situations, but he also noted individuals had the right to self-defense. No charges have been filed against that 33-year-old. If the individual had to use significant force to protect himself during an assault, Sgt. Eipper advised self-defense.

The police are still investigating what transpired before the deadly fight. The occurrence illustrates how unpredictable these situations may be and how crucial it is to report them immediately to protect everyone.

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