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Armed Robberies: Apache County Arrests 2 After Shopping

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Two men committed a crime amid Apache County, Arizona’s vast landscapes. FOX 10 Phoenix reported on shopping sprees and armed robberies that led to the arrests.

Photo from iStock

Duo’s Crime Spree Unravels from Sanders to Navajo

According to the Apache County Sheriff’s Office, the pair started their binge on January 10 by shoplifting from Speedway and Dollar General stores in Sanders, Arizona. Their brazenness evolved from petty theft to an armed robbery at Pizza Edge in the Navajo Nation.

An ordinary shoplifting investigation became a terrible one. Anthony Scott Breeze and Joseph M. Woodruff drove a dark gray Chrysler car with Ohio license plates. While traveling to St. Johns, Arizona, their vehicle broke down, halting their justice.

Police arrested the duo, ending their crime spree but opening the door to a broader criminal network. Authorities believe the two had further difficulties on their journey. Based on their criminal activity, authorities believe the suspects met near Gallup, New Mexico, and were headed to Las Vegas.

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Behind Bars for Armed Robbery, Conspiracy, and Theft

The charges against Anthony Scott Breeze and Joseph M. Woodruff are serious. The pair is in the Apache County Jail on charges of armed robbery, conspiracy, and theft.

As law enforcement pieced together the suspects’ moves, the incident highlighted the interconnectedness of cross-state crime. Sanders, Arizona’s little villages and gas stations unwittingly hosted a crime play that touched the Navajo Nation and beyond.

The arrest of these two people gives local businesses and communities a brief respite in Apache County, where the desert landscape hides beauty and danger. Their alleged illicit activities and their influence on unknowing victims will be revealed during the court procedure.

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