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Fatal Fury: Man Apprehended for Brutal Puppy Slaying in Fiery Clash with Ex-Girlfriend

Man who allegedly killed puppy during argument with ex-girlfriend arrested (Photo: Google)

David Sumlin, 32, was arrested nearly two weeks after allegedly shooting and murdering a four-month-old dog during a fight with his ex-girlfriend.

Man who allegedly killed puppy during argument with ex-girlfriend arrested (Photo: Google)

Disturbing Act of Cruelty

Sumlin reportedly held a pillow over the dog and fired two rounds on January 2, telling his ex-girlfriend, the dog’s owner, “It’s either you or the dog.” The LAPD had been seeking for Sumlin since the brutality.

Police said the puppy was brought to a local animal shelter after the shooting but died. Two expended 9mm round casings were found in the victim’s residence. The heartbreaking experience emphasizes the necessity for immediate action to address the alleged brutality and violence.

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David Sumlin’s Arrest and Criminal History Unveiled Amidst Tragedy

David Sumlin was arrested at 12:10 a.m. on Monday and held on $50,000 bail. The arrest follows a January 8 criminal complaint in Los Angeles federal court revealing Sumlin’s extensive criminal background. The complaint lists Sumlin’s multiple felony convictions, raising questions about his gun and ammunition rights.

This tragedy highlights the need to confront domestic abuse and animal cruelty immediately and hold perpetrators accountable. Sumlin’s alleged actions will likely be investigated in court to seek justice for the innocent life lost and make him accountable for his serious allegations.

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