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Rex Heuermann, Suspect in Gilgo Beach Killings, Faces New Murder Charge

Rex Heuermann, accused in the murders of three sex workers at Gilgo Beach, is anticipated to face a fourth murder charge targeting Maureen Brainard-Barnes as reported by NBC News. Suffolk County DA Raymond Tierney is set to unveil the new charges, citing improved evidence. Heuermann, 60, initially arrested in July, faced charges related to Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello. The “Gilgo Four” victims were discovered in 2010 during a search for missing sex worker Shannan Gilbert.

Photo from HuffPost

Heuermann’s Suspected Involvement in Additional Murder

Authorities link Heuermann to Maureen Brainard-Barnes’ murder through substantial evidence pending formal charges.

Heuermann, arrested using DNA from discarded pizza and his wife’s hair found at crime scenes, pleads not guilty.

Emotional courtroom scenes unfold as Heuermann is charged with first-degree murder, ordered held without bail.

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Expanding Investigation Beyond “Gilgo Four”

Despite initial focus on “Gilgo Four,” authorities explore potential links between Heuermann and other discovered bodies.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison emphasizes an inclusive investigation, not ruling out any connections among Ocean Parkway victims.

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