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Riverside County Convicted Murderer Implicated in Inmate Homicide Inside California Prison

Rigoberto Estrada
Rigoberto Estrada, 45, is currently incarcerated on two life sentences for murder and attempted murder. (Photo: CDCR)

David Veloz (left) and Rigoberto Estrada (right). (Image: California Department of Corrections.)

Rigoberto Estrada, Serving Two Life Sentences, Suspected in Brutal Prison Killing

A murderer from Riverside County has been charged with the homicide of a state prison inmate from Imperial County, startling California. Rigoberto Estrada, 45, is currently incarcerated on two life sentences for murder and attempted murder. Estrada is accused of employing improvised weapons to kill Enrique Saucedo, 29 years old. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation of California has validated this abhorrent occurrence.

At Centinela State Prison in Imperial County, Estrada and 40-year-old David Veloz brutally attacked Saucedo. Prison staff quickly stopped the assault with verbal orders and repeated O.C. Pepper Spray applications. Despite being transported to a hospital for emergency care, Saucedo died at 5:49 p.m. on Sunday.

Estrada and Veloz were immediately housed in restrictive conditions after the attack. A detailed investigation into the horrific tragedy is underway, revealing the specifics and likely causes of the deaths. Notably, no other convicts or prison officials were hurt, providing respite in difficult circumstances.

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The tragedy has prompted questions in the state’s prison system. A prisoner homicide by a convicted murderer has shocked the prison community and beyond. As more details surface about this terrible event that has shaken Centinela State Prison and the California correctional system, the California Department of Correctional and Rehabilitation will update the inquiry.

The examination of this sad incident highlights the difficulty of maintaining safety and security in correctional facilities. This traumatic tragedy will have a lasting impact on the state’s prison policies and procedures as authorities work to prevent similar incidents.

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