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The Colorado officer who killed Elijah McClain gets a 14-month sentence.

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An ex-Colorado police officer was sentenced to 14 months for killing Elijah McClain in 2019. A young Black man, McClain, was not accused of a crime when police held him and paramedics injected him with a powerful sedative. Randy Roedema, 41, faces a three-year jail sentence for criminally negligent homicide and third-degree assault after being convicted in October. Jason Rosenblatt, 35, Roedema’s colleague, was acquitted.

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Former Colorado Officer Sentenced to 14 Months for Assault and Negligent Homicide in Elijah McClain Case

Court Judge Mark Warner sentenced the defendant to 14 months in prison for third-degree assault, four years of probation, and 90 days for criminally negligent homicide. No immediate arrest was made, therefore Roedema has until March 22 to surrender to Adams County.

At sentencing, Judge Warner was appalled by Elijah McClain’s apparent apathy. Ellijah’s mother, Sheneen McClain, spoke in court, disappointed in the killers’ lack of remorse. She heard lies and blame-shifting during trials.

To the McClain family, Roedema offered sympathy but did not apologize for Elijah’s death. According to his training, he followed processes and regretted that a bystander called 911.

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Three Trials in Elijah McClain Case: Acquittal, Conviction, and Sentencing

There were three McClain death trials. November saw another Aurora police officer, 34-year-old Nathan Woodyard, acquitted of manslaughter. For criminally negligent homicide, paramedics Jeremy Cooper, 49, and Peter Cichuniec, 51, were convicted in the third trial. Their sentence is March 1.

Bystanders reported McClain acting strangely in a winter suit and ski mask to authorities. Law enforcement used force, including a carotid chokehold, within seconds of stopping McClain, who repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe. McClain’s trial attorneys alleged he sought to grasp Rosenblatt’s gun, escalating the tension. According to prosecutors, there was no proof.

In 2020, after George Floyd’s death raised awareness, the Colorado Governor ordered an investigation after local prosecutors failed to bring charges. A state grand jury indicted the cops and paramedics in 2021, sentencing Randy Roedema.

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