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72-Year-Old Floridian Arrested for Death Threats Against Rep. Swalwell and Family

Photo: East Bay Times

In a disturbing turn of events, a 72-year-old Florida resident, Michael Shapiro, has been apprehended for making chilling death threats against Bay Area Representative Eric Swalwell and his children. The arrest, carried out by the Southern District of Florida United States Attorney’s Office, unveiled Shapiro’s alleged voicemail messages, wherein he vowed to “come after” and kill the Congressman and his family. The incident occurred on December 19, 2023, as Shapiro left multiple threatening messages from his Greenacres home. This isn’t Shapiro’s first offense; he previously pleaded guilty in 2019 for making similar threats to another victim.

Photo: Yahoo News

Threats Against Representative Swalwell Continue

Rep. Swalwell, known for being a target of threats, remained undeterred, emphasizing his commitment to representing constituents despite the alarming incident.

The Congressperson took to social media, linking the arrest to a pattern of violence among certain “MAGA Republicans” who have chosen aggression over democratic processes.

This unsettling event follows a string of threats Swalwell has faced, including a guilty plea from a Pennsylvania man in 2022 and a previous social media threat from former NFL player Bruce Miller.

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Security Concerns and Ongoing Threats

Security concerns surrounding Swalwell have escalated, with the Congressman highlighting the gravity of the threats. In a recent interview, he revealed the daily nature of multiple death threats, forcing his family to take precautions like refraining from using their front yard.

Swalwell’s acknowledgment of threats extends beyond phone calls, as he detailed instances of threatening letters arriving at his residence, further validating the dangers he faces.

The arrest of Michael Shapiro sheds light on the broader challenges faced by elected officials in ensuring their safety amid a polarized political climate and growing instances of hostility.

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