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Resident of Florida Discovers Driveway Missing Upon Returning from Work, Suspecting Involvement in Contracting Scam

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Amanda Brochu of Florida went home after work to discover her driveway vanished. The unusual situation occurred after she listed her house and hired workers for minor repairs. After being duped by “Andre,” the contractors built a driveway Brochu didn’t want.

Photo from Google

Florida Resident Falls Victim to Alleged Contracting Scam as ‘Landlord’ Disappears Driveway Amidst Overpayment Scheme

When questioned for confirmation of property ownership, “Andre” claimed to be Brochu’s landlord but shut off correspondence. Despite calling the police, Brochu found her driveway gone, sparking contracting scam rumors.

An unnamed general contractor revealed a contractor “overpayment” scam to the media. This fraud involves scammers monitoring new home listings and soliciting exterior work bids from contractors. After agreeing on a price, the fraudster sends a check over the agreed amount and asks the contractor for a refund.

When the contractor agrees, the scammer’s check bounces, causing problems. The unidentified contractor suspected that the driveway absence was retaliation for the bounced check during the job.

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Florida Officials Face Challenges in Investigating Property Scam as Contractors’ Risks

Lack of leads is slowing Florida officials’ investigation. Investigators believe the scammer used a burner phone and a phony name. The contractor has not come forward. Brochu’s story has attracted local attention, underlining contractors’ risk of falling victim to online property listing scams.

The unusual incidents began when Brochu hired workmen to repair her property for sale. Scammers used the property listing to begin an elaborate ruse involving an unwelcome driveway project and a bounced payment, unbeknownst to her. Scams targeting unwary contractors are complicated, as Brochu’s driveway vanished midway through construction. As authorities investigate, the story warns contractors about the risks of online listings and unsolicited project bids.

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