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Witnesses in Tupac Murder Case Reportedly at Risk After Alleged Threats

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Concerns regarding witness safety have been voiced by Nevada prosecutors in the case of a former Los Angeles gang boss who is suspected of planning the 1996 assassination of hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas. A judge is being urged to keep defendant Duane “Keffe D” Davis in custody due to what they claim were threats made during a phone call that was recorded in jail.

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Prosecution’s Allegations

Prosecutors highlighted in a recent court document that witnesses in the Tupac murder case could be in danger following the alleged disclosure of a list of them to Davis’ relatives. Davis’ son allegedly suggested a “green light” being given—a reference that may be taken as a threat to witnesses—during a phone call from the jail.

According to the prosecution, a “green light” in Davis’ world means permission to use violence, which is why there was sufficient concern for federal intervention and relocation support for one witness because of genuine threats.

Nonetheless, there is no express statement in the court file that Davis was given orders to hurt anyone or to carry out any bodily harm related to the case. In preparation for addressing these accusations in court, Davis’ defense attorney is examining them.

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Defense and Legal Response

Although they accept the claims made by the prosecution, Davis’ lawyers refute the claims that witnesses were threatened. They contend that after listening to the disputed call, they failed to hear anything that might be construed as a threat or reference to witnesses.

Furthermore, Davis’s defense highlights his health, referencing a diagnosis of colon cancer that is currently in remission, claiming that he is not a threat to the public, and promising to cooperate with the legal process.

Since Davis is the only survivor of the vehicle engaged in the Shakur shooting, the case revolves around him. Davis is thought to have been a crucial player in the shooting. His attorneys dispute the prosecution’s description of his role, arguing that his previous reports were made for financial benefit and fun.

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