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Teen ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Hacker Faces Indefinite Detention for Cybercrimes

(Photo: Swisher Post)

After committing several cybercrimes in 2022, 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj of the hacking group Lapsus$ was given an indefinite medical detention sentence.

(Photo: Swisher Post)

Autistic ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Hacker Found Guilty

A London jury found him guilty of a number of crimes, including hacking Take-Two Interactive’s Rockstar Games, gaining access to Revolut data, damaging Uber, and threatening to release the “Grand Theft Auto VI” source code, despite the fact that he had an autistic diagnosis and was declared incompetent for trial.

While being held on bail for prior charges, Kurtaj went on a criminal spree that including hacking Nvidia, compromising cloud storage for London police, and blackmailing BT Group and EE for a $4 million ransom. He was found guilty by the court of several crimes, including fraud, blackmail, and Computer Misuse Act infractions.

His accomplice, a protected 17-year-old involved in Lapsus$ activities, received a youth rehabilitation order and 18 months of supervision for related crimes. Despite being assessed as unfit for trial, the jury attributed Kurtaj’s involvement in the crimes, avoiding a guilty verdict based on his condition.

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Cybercrime Severity Highlighted

Judge Patricia Lees voiced her concerns, noting that Kurtaj showed a will to carry out more serious crimes if given the chance. The severity of cybercrimes and the legal system’s treatment of those engaged in hacking and cyberthreats are highlighted by the sentencing.

Kurtaj’s activities had a major negative influence on the functioning of companies like Uber and Revolut, causing them to suffer enormous losses. The case emphasizes how fraudsters face legal repercussions and how crucial strict cybersecurity procedures are to safeguarding sensitive data.

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