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Philadelphia LGBTQ+ Advocate Kendall Stephens Faces Allegations of Assault on Two Minors

Kendall Stephens, transgender activist (Photo: Yahoo News)

Kendall Stephens, an activist for LGBTQ+ rights, recently appeared in court in Philadelphia after her apprehension on suspicion of raping two boys.


Kendall Stephens, transgender activist (Photo: Washington Times)

Sexual Assault Allegations Against LGBTQ+ Activist Kendall Stephens

According to the Philadelphia Gay News, Kendall Stephens, 37, is charged with rape, corruption of kids, indecent assault, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, and unlawful contact with minors. Two 14- and 9-year-old family acquaintances of Stephens are accused of the crimes.

Starting in 2020, the abuse lasted. Stephens allegedly gave the elder boy things to silence him. When the boys’ grandmother reported the abuse to Philadelphia Police in September, the investigation began. Kendall Stephens, arrested Monday for rape, is on $250,000 bail. If bail has been posted, it is unknown. Due to a potential conflict of interest, the Pennsylvania Attorney General handles the case instead of the Philadelphia District Attorney.

Stephens worked with Krasner on LGBTQ+ policy. Brett Hambright, spokesperson for the Philadelphia DA, confirmed the referral of charges to the state Attorney General.

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Transphobic Assault Survivor Kendall Stephens Advocates for Hate Crime Protections

Kendall Stephens reported being physically assaulted during a transphobic house invasion in 2020. An aggressive person used transphobic remarks and assaulted Stephens, she told local reporters. Her front door was kicked in and she was verbally abused, especially about her gender identity. Stephens said the attackers insulted her and that she deserved the violence.

In February, her attacker, Tymesha Wearing, was sentenced to 23 months of home arrest. She became a campaigner for trans hate crime protections after the landmark attack. Stephens’ court date is December 29.

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