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Mother of Murder Victim Battles to Preserve Crime Scene Amid University’s Demolition Plans

King Road
King Road demolition still to come despite oppositions (Photo: The Argonaut)
King Road House

The mother of one of the victims of the Idaho student killer, Bryan Kohberger, is fighting to keep the house where her daughter was murdered intact (Photo: Idaho Business Review)

Fight for Justice: Mother of Murder Victim Clashes with University Over Demolition of Crime Scene

Cara Northington, the mother of one of the victims in the tragic murders on King Road, is fighting very hard for justice against the University of Idaho’s choice to tear down the rental home where the brutal stabbings happened. Many people are very upset about the upcoming destruction of the house. Northington strongly supports keeping the crime scene safe until Bryan Kohberger, the suspect’s trial ends.

People who have been affected by the tragic events are scared and worried about the University of Idaho’s plan to go ahead with the demolition. As the demolition date gets closer, people are getting more worried that important proof could be lost, which could make it harder to get justice for the victims. However, experts have voiced their concerns, stressing how important it is to keep the crime scene clean until the investigation is over.

A petition was recently started by Cara Northington to save the house and stress how important it is to keep all evidence safe until the trial is over. Her passionate plea and unwavering drive have brought to light the delicate balance between the University’s desire to move on from the horrible tragedy and the families of the victims’ need for closure.

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Bryan Kohberger is being held in jail while he is in trial for the killings. In a motion to dismiss the indictment against him, his lawyers say that the grand jury was biased, there is “inadmissible” and insufficient proof, and the prosecutor did something wrong. The motion has 24 problems that back up the accusations, which are being kept secret for now.

The move must be answered by Wednesday at the latest, and a hearing is set for September 1. The team for Kohberger has also called experts from all over the country to try to discredit the DNA proof in the case.

On November 13, 2022, Kohberger was charged with murdering four students with a knife in a residence on King Road near the University of Idaho campus. He has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of felony theft.

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