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Legal Battle Continues After Mississippi Grand Jury Drops Charges Against Sergeant Who Shot 11-Year-Old.

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In Mississippi, a grand jury chose not to charge Police Sgt. Greg Capers for shooting and harming an unarmed 11-year-old boy, Aderrien Murry, while responding to a family issue. Despite Murry’s injuries on May 20, there won’t be legal action against Capers. This decision has caused disagreement and led to legal steps, announced by the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office on Thursday.

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First Subheading: Grand Jury Decision and Injuries

The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office shared that the grand jury decided Sgt. Greg Capers didn’t break the law when he shot Aderrien Murry. Murry got seriously hurt, with a collapsed lung, liver damage, and broken ribs, during a situation involving a family dispute.

Even though the grand jury didn’t charge Capers, lawyer Carlos Moore, representing Murry’s family, isn’t satisfied. They’re planning to take legal action in federal court. Moore believes there are unanswered questions and thinks the shooting wasn’t justified. He’s determined to seek justice for Aderrien and his family.

It’s important to note that both Sgt. Capers and Aderrien Murry are African American, according to reports from WJTV, a CBS affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi.

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Second Subheading: Legal Responses and Lawsuits

Capers’ lawyer, Michael Carr, felt relieved after the grand jury’s decision, believing it cleared Sgt. Capers and showed he’s ready to work again. But Capers is still on unpaid leave until the Board of Aldermen decides what’s next.

Meanwhile, the legal battle gets stronger as Murry’s family plans to sue Indianola, the police chief, and Sgt. Capers in federal court. They’re seeking $5 million in damages, claiming the city didn’t train properly and that Capers used too much force. Additionally, they’ll file another lawsuit under state law next month, according to WJTV.

The Attorney General’s Office confirmed that there won’t be more charges against Capers at the state level after the grand jury’s decision.

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