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Online Scheme Unveiled: Former Canadian Chef Kenneth Law Faces 28 Murder Charges and Global Fallout

Former Canadian chef Law charged of murder

In shocking news, 58-year-old former Canadian chef Kenneth Law has been charged with 28 counts of murder.

Former Canadian chef Law charged of murder

Former Canadian chef Law charged with murder

This online scheme is linked to a string of deaths in Canada, according to the police.  Kenneth Law already faces 14 counts for supposedly helping people commit suicide across the province of Ontario. The new charges, which were announced on Monday, are on top of those.

Law first got a lot of attention when he was arrested in May for selling masks and sodium nitrite, a popular food additive that can kill you if you use it wrong. Working together, 11 police agencies in Ontario found the deadly substance. This led to a review of what Law was doing.

Since 2020, the accused chef is thought to have sent about 1,200 packages carrying the deadly sodium nitrite to people in over 40 countries, mainly targeting weak people online. Statistics from Canada’s cops show that the victims were both men and women, aged 16 to 36.

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14 new counts of second-degree murder

Law has been charged with 14 new counts of second-degree murder, which shows how seriously his online plan affected people who were looking for a way out. Matthew Gourlay, his lawyer, revealed the new charges against him.

“People in the community are being asked to be careful of any packaging or labels that say sodium nitrate,” Constable Sarah Patten warned in a video release.

Law’s acts are not limited to Canada. At least 272 people in Britain have bought products from his websites, which have been linked to 88 reported deaths. Other countries, like New Zealand and Italy, started looking into it after Interpol’s warning. So far, nine buyers have been found, and one victim has died.

Former Canadian chef charged with murder

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What did the World Health Organization say?

The effects of suicide on people around the world are still a big problem. The World Health Organization says that about 700,000 people commit suicide every year. The disturbing case of Kenneth Law shows how important it is to monitor internet activities that could put weak people in danger.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Toronto police will give more information about the new charges. This will help their ongoing efforts to bring Law to justice for his claimed role in these terrible events.

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